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Empowering Young Entrepreneurs with the YES Program by Melbourne Innovation Centre

Project Scope

The project involved creating the YES Program, a simulated startup accelerator in collaboration with Melbourne Innovation Centre. This initiative was designed to equip the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to transform their business ideas into real, successful enterprises.

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At Supernormal, we believe in empowering dreams and catalyzing innovation. Through the YES Program, we provided young entrepreneurs with the tools to turn their business aspirations into reality, fostering the next generation of Australian startup success stories.

The Process

As a trusted partner of Melbourne Innovation Centre, we had the privilege of developing the comprehensive and expert-led curriculum for the YES Program. We engineered industry-leading education and community-building technology to support this innovative educational initiative. In alignment with the client's vision, we ensured that the program was designed to provide a complete understanding of launching and scaling a successful business venture.

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