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Elevating Mr Yum's Online Presence to Global Heights

Project Scope

Supernormal takes Mr Yum's global marketing website to new heights, partnering in creating and maintaining a mouthwatering online presence that tantalises taste buds worldwide.

In a business as dynamic as Mr Yum's, flexibility is key. With each acquisition and new product feature, the website has to be updated to reflect the new offering. Every update is a careful balance of introducing the new product in an enticing manner, while keeping the overall brand story and design aesthetic cohesive.

Our proficiency in Webflow plays a pivotal role in designing, maintaining, and continually innovating their global website. We are committed to delivering a dynamic, user-friendly, and appetizing digital platform that mirrors the delicious offerings of Mr Yum.

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At Supernormal, we amplify a brand's identity, extending its reach through compelling digital experiences. For Mr Yum, we bring their delectable hospitality offerings, creating a digital space that not only tantalizes the senses but also propels their brand visibility and growth globally.

Our Partnership

Our partnership with Mr Yum has been a fulfilling journey. We continue to manage their website, introducing new features, managing live changes, and ensuring the site remains a true representation of their brand. The success of this project lies not just in the numbers, but also in the strong relationship we've built with Mr Yum — a partnership that continues to deliver enticing online experiences, driving growth and amplifying their global presence.

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